Sunday, October 13, 2013

Writing fultime, continued

 Photo of Mary provided by Mary Baker

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Mary Baker continued the interview.

She talked about her support system, “My family was very supportive! They knew I was going through a tough time emotionally as well, and they were unfailingly supportive. I also discovered a wealth of opportunity and talent in the crowdsourcing site Elance. Elance gave me my first easy assignments, and I have cultivated client relationships that have lasted for over three years now. It was through Elance that I also discovered I have a talent for ghost writing. Having an occasional glass of wine with friends and associates who are also creatives (illustrators, graphic artists, PR consultants, videographers) provides a way for all of us to talk shop and discuss solutions for the usual gritty business problems. And Facebook provides an important daily dose of social interaction for those days when I am spending all day alone writing and editing. And of course, my loyal dog, Rebel Rose, who loves and supports me unconditionally.”

Her closing words, “Since starting a blog about reinventing myself after the loss of a relationship, I've received emails and calls from other women going through the same transition. So (in my spare time at 2 am) I am writing a novel about the whole process. It's meant to be a humorous romp through the minefield of midlife dating and reinventing oneself. The title is Ten Bells and I estimate it will be finished in June 2014.”

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