Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Two small letters for possibility, continued...

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There is a common thread through all of my articles about hopelessness or feelings of powerlessness, this is the strength gained from acceptance, from surrendering to a mental fight that is getting you no where fast.

This is the disconnect between the mind, body and spirit. Your mind is in the future desperately wanting your dream for the life, while your body is suffering in the present mess you have manifested and above it all your spirit struggles to get these 2 very important pieces back in alignment. Nightmares are an example of the spirit trying to get you to process the day to day mess in order for you to release the bad energy and enable you to move forward.

The spirit is the glue that keeps us going even amongst the most traumatic hardship. When we quiet ourselves down and sit in a sacred space, it allows the spirit to heal and soothe. It is something we should do as often as possible although, life struggle seems to get in the way of this.

What are your thoughts about empowerment? What helps you move beyond hardship?

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