Saturday, October 5, 2013

Soothe the monster in you, continued...

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I am really intrigued how a past incident can take ahold of the psyche and energize a toxin that causes dysfunction in the here and now. It freezes time within a layer of self and when you have low self-esteem it feeds a monster that continues to cause havoc in one’s life. Many times you wonder why each relationship hasn’t worked but you do not take the time to focus on the common factor, YOU.

We don’t want to deal with our dark secrets and, unfortunately, this is the very place where the healing work must begin! If past memories and experience have left you with bad feelings, figure these out.

Mental Health Counseling, year one graduate school, has been an interesting venture so far for me. I’m getting ready for a short 2-month break and I’m excited to start year two in January. Also, I’ve decided I do want to pursue a Doctorate in Art Therapy once I’ve completed my Master’s degree. I’m hopeful you’ve learned a bit more about yourself as I’ve learned more about myself this past year through the topics I've shared!

Drop me a note and let’s talk about it!

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