Saturday, October 19, 2013

Contribute or criticize, continued...

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I have never thought of it in Brene Brown’s perspective, “Courage or comfort, what’s it going to be because you can’t have both.” But, I believe she is absolutely correct in her observation. Anything I’ve challenged myself to do, and regardless if I’ve won or lost, I am still a better person today for pushing outside of my comfort zone. This is the case in my career and in my personal life.

If I would have not applied for jobs that were above my current qualifications, I would have not been motivated to gain those qualifications. I remember when I decided I wanted to move from inside sales to purchasing and when I first applied for the job; I was turned down. I didn’t have the schooling, so I went and got it. The next go around, I again, didn’t get the job; there was a more experienced candidate. So I pushed harder and by the 3rd time I applied years later, I got the job. I worked my way up the chain in this arena until I hit the highest level in our organization, Director of Purchasing. I learned a lot about business negotiation, management and myself. These experiences taught me a lot and as I transition into this new phase of my life in Mental Health Counseling and then eventually Art Therapy, I am grateful for my past and so very excited about my future.

Had I listened to my inner critic who has always capitalized on my economically poor upbringing, my uneducated self (in the early years), and my shy demeanor, I would have not challenged myself to continue to reach higher, I would have just coward away and I’m guessing I would have not found my way to my soul work as I have today. It is a great place for me; I cherish my life. It is truly sacred.

Are you daring greatly or living in the shadows of your most inner desires? Drop me a note and let’s talk about it. I’m hear to listen and interface if you’d like.

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