Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why raw juice, continued...

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 Examiner article I purchased a juicer (Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro) in July from Kohls department store. I had gone school clothes shopping for our 4 teenagers and this excursion gifted me $130 in Kohl’s cash. The juicer I chose was on sale from $400 down to $200 (50% off) and I had a 30% discount coupon. With tax included I paid less than $40.
 It was a great purchase that I’ve used many times a week since. I really haven’t lost any weight because I am not juice detoxing; I’m still eating solid foods and plan to continue. This nice cup of fresh juice compliments my meal nicely, I'm happy with this nutritional addition to my diet.
 Have you tried a raw juice before? It has a thicker consistency; it’s kind of foamy. I have made some rather bad juice concoctions by mistake; a V6 juice I tried to make tasted horrible.
 For it to taste good to me, fruit is the primary ingredient. I usually add either spinach or kale to every batch I juice up and the sweet fruits really do cover the bitter taste of the greens nicely. Kale is not something I like so this is a way to get this super food into my diet.
 Do you give raw juice a thumbs up or thumbs down? If you've not tasted it, give it a try and then leave me your thoughts!

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