Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wealth of problems, continued...

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For me, it seems like most of my problems are financial. This does continue to teach me to budget, simplify and work to stay within my means. I have no doubt that God is part of my life because he continues to awe me when things get tough. This week, as I was wondering if I could meet a pay off on my credit card, a gentleman stopped by to look at our old RV in the yard that we were getting ready to list for sale. No, we did not have a sign even in it yet; pretty cool huh?

We haven't sold it yet but he'll be back with his wife this weekend!

Prayer is a powerful tool that I use daily. I believe in the celestial support and it continuous to get me through my daily challenges. Problems, I will always have them, why, because it is part of life. As long as I keep my faith and rise above them, life continues to be good!

What is your biggest support? How about a problem? Share with me, I'm curious.

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