Saturday, September 21, 2013

Poop palette, continued...

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Dr. Oz has taught us that the perfect poop takes on the shape of the letter “s” or “c” with a consistency volume that holds this cylinder shape (not hard, not soft).

On his show he showed a visual of the Bristol stool chart that reflects stool samples in 7 forms: #1 individual small nuggets (constipated- plop when they hit the water),  #2 cobblestone cylinder (nuggets shapes attached to each other) #3 slight nugget shape contour in cylinder form, #4 long smooth cylinder (perfectly balanced diet), #5 larger loose nuggets, #6 several large chunks #7, loose stool (runny without shape- digestion is happening so quickly, the water isn’t getting absorbed).

Ideally it is healthy to have a bowel movement at least once a day. The key to this is all about fiber (you need 30 grams a day). You can find this in vegetables, fruits, popcorn, whole grains, beans, tomato juice and much more. You also need plenty of water to get the exact same healthy shape each time.

Poop might be a taboo topic but it really is a good way to assess your health.

What are your thoughts? Did I go overboard with this article?

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