Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is therapy for you, continued...

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If you follow my column, you are aware I am working on my credentials to become a Limited Licensed Professional Counseling (LLPC). I am getting my Master’s degree in Mental Health counseling and I love this curriculum. The psyche is complicated but intriguing to me.

I have always been a helping person, someone who others go to for support and advice. Although, what I’m learning in school now is that counselors do not often offer advice, we actually help the client find their solution, we do not give the answers, we give options and education. We can explore a person’s past, patterns, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. By creating a safe environment and a spiritually sacred and trusting relationship, we can guide the client through darkness into the light.

To live one’s truth is freeing and spiritually uplifting. This, my friend, is living mindfully with purpose. It is what our lives are truly about.

Have you been to therapy? Do you feel like sharing? Did it help? Talk to me...

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