Sunday, September 29, 2013

Being sad when life is right, continued...

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Here is the link once again to this really touching video about a teenager's struggle with depression:

It is by TEDx and Kevin Breel. 

I was touched by this because, as a parent, when your teenager is popular, funny, achieving good grades, (this list can go on), you never imagine there is a problem. He or she is really hurting inside and over-achieving on the outside to hide the pain.

Sometimes things can be too good to be true and this young man's testimony is helpful in educating all of us about the seriousness of depression and the fact that even the most "put together" person can be suffering tremendously.

It is a scary thought!

When is the last time you sat down with a loved one and looked him or her in the eye and really connected to make sure all is well? Sometimes we see only what we want to see because it seems to difficult to make room for anything else. Please tune into the people whom you love. It may be their only chance for survival.

What are your thoughts about depression? Help me spread Kevin's message. I applaud him for his courage!

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