Saturday, August 24, 2013

Reflect color, continued...

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I recently received a fan email thank you from James Van Praagh offering a vocal meditation where he guides you through each Chakra and color to help enable your health and improve your intuition. This was the inspiration for today’s article.

I do believe, on a spiritual level, we have such energy focal points within our body. It makes sense to me how a blockage can manifest in health concerns. I have written about this in the past when I was educated by the holistic healers Dr. Oz had presented on his talk show.

Have you ever had your aura read before? This is a little off topic but it is read based on the colors you project. It is all linked together and at the spiritual foundation is color.

If you’re discounting the empowerment of color, it is time to re-think this path. The health benefits are there for the taking!

Drop me a note with your thoughts on this intriguing topic, I want to read them.

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