Thursday, July 25, 2013

The miracle question, continued...

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When things feel upside, go with your instinct and implement change!
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Here is a sample dialogue from Solutions offering an example of the Miracle Question:

C:  "I suppose I will feel like getting up and facing the day, instead of wanting to cover my head under the blanket and just hide there.
T:  Suppose you do, get up and face the day, what would be the small thing you would do that you didn’t do this morning?
C:  I suppose I will say good morning to my kids in a cheerful voice, instead of screaming at them like I do now.
T:  What would your children do in response to your cheerful “good morning?”
C:  They will be surprised at first to hear me talk to them in a cheerful voice, and then they will calm down, be relaxed.  God, it’s been a long time that happened.    
T:   So, what would you do then that you did not do this morning?
C:   I will crack a joke and put them in a better mood."

Most of the time the client who is in therapy actually has the solution to his or her problem and the therapist just helps this individual gain perspective. The miracle question is a great way to do this.

What is holding you back? Try the Miracle Question, it just might work!

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