Friday, July 12, 2013

Spot a liar, continued...

Which way do you live your life, truthful of misleading? Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo

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There really isn't any good reason to tell a lie, even a little white lie. You are not helping anyone with mistruths! I do not have any toleration for someone who lies. It is belittling to the person doing it and the person who believes him or her.

Betrayal is a horrible thing to cope through. The universe takes care of this type of energy although it usually takes quite some time to catch up with the person. Karma is crazy but I believe it does resolve situations!

I thought Janine's information was really interesting. As I'm getting deeper into my counseling work, I'm learning traits to look for in people who are uncomfortable facing truths. It isn't easy to dig yourself out of a lie but it is necessary. You owe it to yourself and those whom you love to be truthful always. If you can't tell the truth, don't say anything.

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