Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Delusions are different from illusions, continued

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Examiner article

I find this topic extremely interesting. A delusional person might come across authentically because, with this mental illness, this person truly believes the false pretense. I'm not sure but I would imagine he or she could probably pass a lie detecter because they do not think this thinking is faulty.

As the article communicates, delusions are quite different from illusions because one is tied to beliefs (delusions) and the other is based on sensory perceptions (illusions).

I used to love those old posters that were filled with patterns and after looking at them for a while a shape or animal would surface. It is mind-boggling how images can be distorted. In a way, this is like the distorted image someone might see who is delusional when they look in the mirror. For example, someone suffering a Bulimic illness, and may look skinny like a skeleton, will see an overweight self image in the mirror. This is the power of the psyche and mental health.

It is important to keep yourself healthy and in check.

Do you know anyone who is delusional? Drop me a note and comment.

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