Monday, July 22, 2013

Career transition, continued...

Photo of Vanessa provided by Vannessa Wade

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Vannessa Wade continued the interview.

Her current role, “President - Connect The Dots PR. I help organizations create and increase awareness of their product or service. By crafting messages that resonate with potential customers, my clients are able to enhance the community, increase visibility and ultimately increase their bottom line. In other words, I help my clients get publicity. My hope is to continue providing quality and favorable PR results and grow.  Our success has come from fusing traditional PR with technology and listening to our clients. No two clients are alike- and we embrace that! We understand that each client has certain needs and we eat, sleep and breathe PR, so our clients trust us to look out for them. Yes some days are more demanding than others, but that is what keeps the business thriving. I love the energy and I love seeing results. I certainly love seeing my clients excited about progress.  It is my goal to ensure positive messages and be heard near and far on behalf of the companies I represent.
Currently, I am putting the finishing touches on a new Public Relations Workshop aimed at helping companies understand the value of using PR.

My advice is to make the leap. Start each day mapping out what you need to do to be successful and run towards it. Build solid relationships. Voice what you need and watch doors start to open, even if it is slow at first. I believe my strength comes from life challenges and learning that I can't stop things from happening, but I can certainly have a good attitude. It is not always easy to cross hurdles, but it is possible.”

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