Saturday, June 8, 2013

Prayer and the Bible, continued...

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Examiner article

I am truly awed by prayer. I do believe it creates miracles. This quiet time between you and whomever you believe to be listening, is spiritual. It can change even the worst of circumstances sometimes by just getting you to think about what really is going on. It calms the nerves by gifting a great coping tool.

Without getting to far from the topic, I have to admit that I love the link I shared in today's article. To be able to go to a search window and enter any word with the results including all entries from the Bible that include this word, is absolutely amazing.

It gives you insight in a matter of moments!

What I've realized is the older I get the more I'm praying for others and giving thanks for my world as it is. Yes, I still put in requests but my prayers have evolved with my age.

What are you praying about these days? Leave me a note

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