Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oral health, continued...

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As I sat in the Oral Surgeon’s office yesterday, I created my article. My youngest son had to get his wisdom teeth removed. You might think I’d be used to this since I once had mine removed, his brother had his removed and my boyfriend’s son also went through the procedure just a couple of months ago.

I, as most mothers do, get anxious when my kids have to go through any medical procedure and especially surgery. My stomach felt sick as I sat and awaited the news that he was in recovery.

I’m sure this is a standard practice but no one wants to see his or her child go through this kind of pain and suffering. It was a tough recovery yesterday but he is getting through it and I’m sure he’ll bounce back quickly just like the others. I’ll be happy to put it behind us. I just can’t wait!

I’ve been pretty lucky that my kids have taken care of their teeth quite well. I had them to the dentist before they went to Kindergarten.

I was an adult, paying for my own bill, during my first dental visit and, because of this, dental health was a top priority while raising my kids.

The visit to the surgeon inspired my article.

How do you cope with this type of stuff? Drop me a note and let me know about it!

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