Sunday, June 16, 2013

Healing process, continued...

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Examiner article

I seemed to strain my wrist working in the yard before my son's graduation. When this happens (it happens often), I try to stop using it for a while, I wear a brace and then it starts to feel better. I get aggressive on a physical project again and before I know it, the throbbing starts and a lump comes up in the center on the top of my wrist.

I just do not give myself enough downtime for healing. I think we do this more frequently with emotional pain. Do we really take something seriously that we can't see?

The pain of physical and emotional trauma is intertwined in a way. As the article says, "Emotional pain with manifest into physical pain if not addressed." Because of this it is just as serious or perhaps more serious.

I think it is easier to address hurt you can see like an injury to the body. It is tangible. And, although emotional pain is not visual it most certainly is real and it can become fatal if not taken care of.

What are your thoughts about healing both emotionally and physically?

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