Sunday, June 9, 2013

Explaining unhappiness, continued...

Photo of Peter provided by Peter Spinogatti

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Peter Spinogatti continued,Think deeply about the following universal fictions: Fiction: The goal of therapy is to raise consciousness. Dissolution: Start by not putting yourself down, and your consciousness will have been raised in every way that matters. Fiction: Learning how to cope is the touchstone of successful therapy. Dissolution: Learning how to cope can only happen when we start to feel better about what troubles us. The interesting question is why feeling only better and not feeling good? Isn’t that because better is necessarily perceived as good, but good is not perceived as better? Fiction: What we learned to believe in the past enabled us to be unhappy in the present. Dissolution: That is only half the story. What we learned was originally designed to do the opposite. It was learned at that earlier time to protect us from the future which has now become the present.”

His message,Believe that there is nothing wrong with you. We really are children of God. You can believe this literally or metaphorically - the psychological result will be the same.”

Peter’s closing words, “Talking to unhappy people for thirty years as a therapist has taught me that all unhappiness is reducible to self-loathing which is, as it turns out, to be a demonstrable paradox and paradoxes cannot be solved by anything we do. It can only be dissolved.”

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