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Eating disorder and grief, continued...

Photo of Marci's family provided by Marci Warhaft

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Marci Warhaft’s interview continued.

In her words, “There have been many times during my battle when I thought I was better, only to slip back into the madness when life handed me challenges or the slightest bit of change. I think I stayed sick for so long because it was easier for me to face the pain of an empty stomach than the pain that came from the losses in my life.

While struggling, I managed to get married and give birth to two amazing boys who are now 14 and 11 years old. Even as a wife and mother, my disorder was my focus. I was desperate to be healthy, but my disorder made me feel that I wasn’t deserving of it, so for me, recovery couldn’t be about saving myself; it had to be about saving my boys.”

Being a mom helped Marci persevere.

She shared, “I wanted to be the mother they deserved. I wanted their childhoods to be filled with happy memories and I knew that unless I got help, it would never happen.
I entered a 4-month treatment program at a hospital. I had to put my trust and faith into people I didn’t know, people who wanted me to eat in ways I never had. It was terrifying. What was more terrifying was the thought of living in pain for the rest of my life. I followed their plan, did what was I told and started to feel better within two weeks.”

Marci was empowered, “I stopped judging myself for how I looked and started being proud of who I was. Finally, the desire to live my life became more powerful than my need to hide from it.
Once I was finally healthy again, I was discouraged to see how many people were suffering the way I had. I was also shocked at how eating disorders were affecting kids as young as five years old. I felt compelled to do something it. I created a workshop called Fit vs Fiction, which is an interactive body image workshop that I bring to schools to break down the dangerous myths related to beauty and fitness and get kids talking about the pressure they feel to be perfect. By sharing my truth, I give kids a safe place to share their own.

I’ve also written, The Body Image Survival Guide for Parents: Helping Toddlers, Tweens and Teens Thrive, which gives parents the tools they need to help their kids grow up with the self-confidence they deserve. It’s the book I wish my mother had had when I was struggling and she felt so helpless.”
Her closing words, “Body image and eating disorder issues are tough, but to anybody who may be struggling, I’d say, You’re tougher! Recovery is possible. The first step is in believing that you’re worth it.

Self-worth shouldn’t be measured in pounds.

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