Friday, May 10, 2013

Schools of thought, continued...

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I hope you all appreciated the glimpse of the schools of thoughts philosophers such as Kant, Marx, Sartre and Darwin brought forward.

For me, as a Christian, I believe ultimately God gets credit for all creation but the similarities between all living things and the concept of evolution is mindboggling.

Kant, on the other hand, also has a scientific backing to his work although his focus on reason, cause and affect takes thought to a whole new level.

While I’m not a fan of communism, capitalism is the right to anyone in American and for this I’m grateful.  There was some merit in Marx’s social economic thought.

Sartre’s tie to Existentialism is remarkable to me. I am in line with this school of thought. Freedom of choice, individualism and the premise of living with purpose all align with my core beliefs. He was brilliant!

The book, 10 Theories of Human Nature offered an education of great historical and intellectual minds. I feel it was a worthwhile read and hopefully you’ve gained a bit of “food for thought” by reading my overview!

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