Friday, May 17, 2013

Deepak's 21-day cleanse, continued...

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First, the pizza photo might look good but it seem more like I was grazing in a meadow as apposed to eating pizza. I'm all about getting healthy but I'm not really embracing the pizza as shown above!

I'm always willing to trying a meditation challenge, especially when it is presented by 2 of my favorite people, Dr. Oz & Deepak Chopra. The affirmation/questions he is posing during the meditation is really interesting and inspiring. I'm curious to see what is brought forward when I give this a shot.

On the Dr. Oz show, they spend only about 3 minutes doing this although, I must spend more time getting to a relaxing state in order to fully embrace his words and then see if I'm open to a natural response.

It seems, as of late, I've been putting my meditations low on the list of priorities and therefore I haven't been doing them very often. I really have to make an effort because, much like Deepak, I believe in the power of meditation.

What are your beliefs? What works for you? Drop me a comment, I'm curious.

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