Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life in continuum, continued...

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Yes, I can answer the question, "When it rains it does pour!" And, I've been in the eye of the storm as of late. From losing my credit card, to legal business issues with suppliers, I've been overwhelmed with hardship! I am past the initial shock stage and I'm finding my into a more peaceful month. April and spring came just in time for me. I'm embracing a new energy while accepting my situation to enable growth.

Court is not something easy to embrace but I have realized that so long as I am ethical and staying the course, all will work out and I can put the challenge behind me. I have learned a great deal in business law over the past few weeks. Stuff I really would not want to have learned but regardless I feel more educated in this process today. Time will tell but I feel I have found my way out of the storm in I'm slowly rising out of the valley. It is nice to have hope again!

Where are you today? Are you in a valley or on a mountain peak? Tell me about it.

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