Sunday, March 24, 2013

Word of the day, continued...

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I grew up in a poor home. My parents barely made it through junior high; my dad quit school in 8th grade and my mom made it through 9th grade. My vocabulary was limited by this upbringing. I'm not complaining. I was able to take ownership of this early on and explore the world through books and school. I went to college and took several basic English classes to help  me rise above and expand my use of words. As an adult, I truly appreciate the power of a word. Whether it comes to me in a dream, through prayer or meditation, it makes my psyche shift and spirit soar when it is a word of inspiration.

I love the Word of the Day email I get from Merriam Dictionary. Many are new to me! I realize our in baskets can get overloaded with junk mail but for me, learning a new word earns a place within my email basket.

What are your thoughts about words? Do they inspire you? Leave me a note and let's talk about it!

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