Sunday, March 31, 2013

Story about perceptions, continued...

Photo of Cynthia from Cynthia Fabian

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Cynthia Fabian continued, “I have spent most of my life overcoming obstacles and upon my disability retirement, due to injuries, I now help others to transcend through their own injuries using a positive mental attitude.

Even when the people around me are in a bad mood or upset, I now can overcome those environmental feelings instead of internalizing them.  I use yoga to simply ignore and communicate at a later time, it took many years to learn this.”

She shared, “I was born in California, moved to Queens, NY and lived there most of my life.  Now I reside in Somerset, NJ, a quaint city where I live with my partner/boyfriend.”

Her message, “Life doesn’t always give you a yacht or Mercedes to proceed from point to point, sometimes you get a broken down sail, or even a tire and you have to build on it.  But it is so satisfying when you do!

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