Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring in your step, continued...

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo- Good bye winter!

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I'm very happy to say, "Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring!" Although, it is still a crisp twenty something degrees here in the frigid state of Michigan, the calendar is still gifting hope of the weather change.

I have been unloading, scrubbing and working to white-glove my house this week. I am on Spring Break and, although I would have loved to escaped the weather and visited a warm destination, I am taking advantage of the break and working on my home instead. It is more economical and the process will do wonders for my mind too.

I'm preparing for a small birthday party we are giving my boyfriend's daughter this Friday. So, not only is the new season motivating me but the thought of upcoming visitors is working wonders on my motivation level!

Although finances are slow in coming, I did just renew my gym membership last week. I had 5 free months at Powerhouse in Ypsilanti, and this expired last week. I've been diligent with my gym routine and I didn't want to give this up so I created a monthly charge bill to keep pushing forward.

With spring comes more money for expenses incurred over the winter. I'm not sure why but business seems to slow down during the colder months. I'm excited to embrace new found wealth, which I've been manifesting!

What is your plan for spring? Drop me a note!

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