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Learn to forgive, continued...

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Swiyyah Nadirah Muhammad continued the interview.

Her life today, “I live in Saint Petersburg, FL.  I’ve never been married and I have no kids.  I was in an eight-year relationship and was almost married but we didn’t make it.  I was always paranoid that he would cheat on me.  He admitted that he cheated on me twice.  He told me that he was gay and cheated on me with a man.

Every day I look in the mirror and ask myself how can I change for the better?  In order to change the world you have to change yourself.  A lot of people think they are perfect and don’t need to grow.  We will never stop learning and developing our souls.  I have a BA degree in Psychology and I’ve experienced mental illness so I’m able to help more people than someone that have never walked in the shoes of someone with mental illness.  For years I was trying to find myself.   I’ve read a lot of books and I know who I am and my passion in life.  When I give my motivational speeches, I teach that 90% of Americans hate their jobs.  They are trying to survive day to day and don’t have the time or energy to find and fulfill their passions.  God has created every human being with a special gift to give back to the world. The job you hate to do is a job loved by someone God has touched.  Find something you love to do and would do for free.  Build up a clientele and expertise and read books and learn on line how you can make money doing what you love to do.” 

Swiyyah’s continues to heal.

She shared, “In my book Don’t Call Me Crazy! I’m Just in Love, I teach you the same power techniques I used to overcome mental illness.  One technique I give is to listen and allow people to finish their whole thought process and do not interrupt.  When they finish talking, then you speak.  Before I learned this power technique I would cut people off and get upset for days because I misinterpreted what they were trying to say.  Also when people judged me I would get upset for days.  I learned when someone makes a judgment call about someone they don’t know nine times out of ten they’re talking about themselves or someone close to them.  Don’t say anything.  Let them keep talking and eventually they will tell you what’s really own their minds.  I’ve never received counseling to overcome my mental illness but I do take medication.  I’ve been on medication for six years and haven’t had a break down.”

Her support, “God and my wonderful mother have helped me get to the level I’m at now.  My mother was there for me the entire time I had my relapse.  She held my hand and took me to the hospital.  She gives me encouraging words.  She tells me to never give up.  She always has solutions for my problems.”

Her closing words, “Life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react to it.  This lesson is very important.   I’m scheduled to give workshops with other female leaders in my community with High school students.  We’re teaching them how they can change the world.  If you want to bring our workshop to your school please contact me at 727-776-0291.  And if there are any professors or teachers reading this, please contact me about making my book a required reading at your University or High School.  One person can change the world and that one person may be you.  Never give up!

I love to do motivational speeches. My book, Don’t Call Me Crazy! I’m Just in Love is on sale now at and its required reading at Saint Petersburg College.  Everyone can contact me at 727-776-0291,,,  Also I'm raising money for the National Institutes of health.  Visit my shop at and purchase items. Ten percent of profits will go towards this organization.  And if you have a non-profit company and would like to use my book or shop to raise money give me a call. Thank you.”

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