Sunday, February 3, 2013

Triumphant, continued...

The Higgin's Family
Photo provided by Freda Higgins

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Freda Higgins continued the interview. She shared how they coped through this medical trauma. In her words, “Love and faith are the two most powerful factors that I credit to our recovery. Faith that Our Father's presence is in the doctor's who treated Michael and through them, make him well. Prayer also comes along with faith. There were people praying for Michael across the country. When I pray, I have an inner peace and strength because I know He is listening. Michael also has an extraordinary will to live.”

She talked about her book, “It is a true story about my son, Michael's diagnosis of Leukemia. It tells of his courage during treatments, remissions, relapses, an extraordinary cord blood transplant and his joint kidney and pancreas transplant. As Michael struggles to survive, I describe how such an illness affects the entire family; husband and wife, brother, aunts, uncles, grandparents and many friends. No one is spared. It tells of our darkest hour of crisis, family and doctors witness within 48 hours a divine intervention, a life restored, a gift given that will touch many lives for years. This is an amazing story and a testimonial of God's extraordinary power and love. It teaches us to never to loose faith, to never give up or become hopeless, because, after all, our lives are truly in God's hands. Triumphant is a 100 page, soft cover now being sold through my website or through, Ingram's, Barnes & Noble and The Book Nook in Kilmarnock, VA.

This story will no doubt touch your heart. You will probably take away a few tears but my hope is that it will give other families facing this difficult journey the faith and will to conquer any obstacles in their path without despair. Also I hope it will inspire people to search out help groups like the Best Buddy Program at Duke University Hospital. A volunteer is assigned to a child and their parent. They may sit and play games, bring movies to watch or just be there to listen while the parent takes a break to recharge and be better at coping with the stress of it all. Just thirty minutes can be a blessing. I know this first hand because that's what this program meant to me.”

Freda’s advice, “Honestly, it is the fight of your life, because your children are your life. Love them, be by their side, stay strong as a family unit and most importantly pray. There is nothing more powerful than a prayer for your child. It might not be the answer you are hoping for but when you truly place them into the hands of God, He will do what was planned for them.

Over the years, God has moved our family through a journey that we would never have chosen to travel. I can tell you that we were carried by Him through our darkest days. I can also testify to his great wisdom, power and love. Even the doctor's say they witnessed a miracle. God has humbled us through Michael and all of the children we have met and some we have lost along the way; they brought love and compassion to people's lives. Each one of these children will remain with me all the days of my life. We were lifted up to Him in prayer as we felt His very presence upon us. The long-term affects of the radiation has destroyed the pigment in Michael's skin and scarred his tear ducts. His strong sense of self confidence has never quite returned but what I see when I look at him is that same sweet, handsome, kind spirit he has always been: someone who makes me laugh on my worst day. Happily, Michael is attending college at the age of thirty-two, something he has wanted for a long time and enjoying his life.
Every day is a gift, everyday I find myself feeling more blessed, even through the hard times of my life.”

She closed with contact information, “I can be reached by phone: (804) 453-4590 or email: I also have a new website: and my Mailing address is:  Freda Higgins @ P.O. Box 373 Reedville, Virginia 22539.”

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