Sunday, February 10, 2013

To survive this loss, continued...

Picture was taken by the soccer coach of a friend’s granddaughter, name unknown.
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Thomas E. Pierce continued, “I have always been a very religious person. I have always believed in the afterlife but that does not mean that I did not have doubts at times. The events of the first year after the accident that I talk about in my book have removed all doubts forever. These events have continued to happen in my life and I am much stronger spiritually.”

He talked about coping, “My rock bottom was the day of the accident. The next day I realized that both of my wife and my daughter seemed to know something was going to happen and did things to prepare themselves and the family for what was coming. This made me realize that the accident was supposed to happen and that no one could have prevented it or made it any better. I realized that I was still here for a purpose. That purpose appears to be my book.”

His mission, “To help others who have experienced the loss of a loved one. When I open my email I never know if I am going to end up sharing tears with someone I have never met. The last page of my book contains my email address and many people who read my book after a tragic or sudden loss, have written me to tell me how much my book helped them. These emails made the book the most rewarding accomplishment of my entire life. They are my inspiration to get the book into the hands of others that it will help.”

Thomas shared words of advice, “Positive thoughts are the most powerful force we posses. With love all things are possible. Love never dies.  Our loved ones that have passed remain close to us forever. Opening yourself up to signs from lost loved ones will provide you with ways to go on with a happy and successful life. Tears are just our body’s way to allow us to cope with things that would otherwise be beyond our comprehension. We just have to let them be tears of joy, not sorrow; tears of laughter, not pain; tears of love, not grief. All the kindness a person puts out into the world works on the hearts and thoughts of mankind.”

Thomas closed, “When I heard that the Reservists who rescued us were going to receive medals, I knew I had to be there to thank them.  It was the first time I spoke in public after the accident. After that I received numerous requests to speak. I spoke at many award ceremonies for the girls and for the people who responded to the emergency calls during the accident. I have done numerous radio and TV interviews. ABC in Baltimore won an Emmy for their interview with me on the first anniversary of the accident. You can learn more and listen to me speak on my website:”

Pierce currently resides in Vineland , NJ , where he is able to support and participate in the lives of his surviving daughter and his two beautiful granddaughters.

The Hardcover book is available at  It is also available as a Kindle book and a Nook book.

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