Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo provided by Rev. Tracy Rhymes and Raymont

Raymont Anderson continued, “Now, I am creating a spiritual center and school where people can find support and study principles that can change their lives.  I am a Holistic Life coach helping coach people by transforming their lives in profound ways.  I direct and perform with my American Sign Language Theatrical Performance Company B.E.L.I.E.V.E. and I travel doing workshops, seminars, classes, guest speaking etc.”  

He described his work, “I help others identify their mountains and develop a strategy to climb, circumvent, tunnel though, or demolish the mountain by making it a stepping stone to the life they desire to live.  Each of us wants to live happy, healthy, joyfully, freely, and authentically.  Because of the pains of the past and for some the present, we bury our lives to satisfy others and to hide our own greatness.  I assist people in bringing that light out in full force!”

He attributes his triumph over adversity to his, “Eclectic yet effective spiritual practices.”  

Raymont’s mission, “To help others see that change IS possible!  You can live an empowered life!”

He is sharing his wisdom and inspiration with others through his book, Moving Mountains: The Journey of Transformation

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