Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to manifest a healthy life, continued...

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I feel so blessed with my life.  Even the lows are truly gifts to me.  It took me many years (well into my late 30’s) to realize my role as a creative healer.  Once I found and started to embrace my purpose, my path to fulfillment opened up.  I am grateful for my love for life, and my friend, this mindset was the key that unlocked and gifted the love of my life.  This energy goes hand and hand.  Once this shift happened, by realizing my purpose and seeing my life through the lens of love, my creative spirit energized my awakening.  I started riding the waves of change (positive change) and this has made my spirit soar; my world shifted in a way I could have never imagined.

The essentials in my life truly are purpose, love and creativity.  There is no better way of living.  If your life needs a boost, embrace these 3 simple concepts!

What are the essentials in your life?  Do they tie into mine?  Leave me a comment and lets talk about it.

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