Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to lose 10 pounds in 30 days, continued

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I have never detoxed in my life prior to this month. Sure I've cut sugar out for a time or red meat but I haven't overhauled my system, which this program claims to do. Today, I weigh 169 pounds. I seem to go up and down a few pounds but sticking close to this number normally. At my best weight, after crazy dieting, I was 156 pounds at one point last year. My peak weight, 183 pounds.

I've been sharing my health journey along the way in hopes to get feedback, pointers and inspire others with any success.

I have been working out every single day (averaging 1 hour) for over the past 3 plus months. This is working for me. Unfortunately, I'm still not satisfied with my diet. Yes, it has improved significantly but I'm still feeling like I have digestion problems (bloating at the top of my stomach) and since Dr. Junger's plan seems to focus on this area, it is the next challenge I'm embracing.

I believe this will overhaul my diet, allow me to drop a few pounds in a healthy way and gift me with some benefits of healthy digestion. Once I'm done, I'll report my results.

Wish me luck!

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