Thursday, February 14, 2013

Healthy snacks, continued...

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I'm at the close of day 12 of my 30 day detox challenge. It seems like the detox has stolen the vibrancy of my life.  Don't get me wrong, I like fish and chicken but it is tough to eat this many times a week when I'm used to a variety of meats; lunch meat, steak, pork etc. I feel like I'm on a continuous graze in a field.

On a positive note, I know this is all psychological at this point because I'm eating a lot, feeling full after meals and I'm still losing weight, 4 1/2 pounds to date. The detox promises up to 10 pounds of weight loss in 30 days. I've stuck closely to the diet so I'm curious to see what my sacrifice gifts me in the end.

Also, my stomach (which usually suffers from indigestion) is feeling skinny and healthy. I certainly owe this detox to my improved health.

I can't wait until day 31 when I can start introducing (1 at a time), dairy, eggs, sugar, red meat, pork and glutton back into my routine. My goal for this torture is to figure out the foods that trigger indigestion and eliminate them. The hope for a healthier 2013 is keeping me going.

How are you doing with your resolution this year? Are you raising your health bar?  Leave me a note and tell me about it.

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