Sunday, February 24, 2013

Assumed adult responsibility as an adolescent, continued...

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Aimee Elizabeth talked about her life today.

My life today is great.  I retired when I was 38, (I am now 49) and I enjoy a very leisurely but busy lifestyle.  I do whatever I want to do.  I am a multi-millionaire, successful real estate investor, guest speaker, business consultant and best selling author of Poverty Sucks! How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire.  I also do my best to promote, a Nevada charity that helps homeless and at risk youths.  It’s a charity near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons.  I do not interface with my family in any capacity.  I still love them all and wish them well, but they are so unkind to me that I had to sever all ties to protect myself. I have what I call a family of choice.  These are people who love me that I love back, we would happily help each other if needed, and we all accept each other as we are.  I find that blood or legality does not make a family – love does.  I feel very blessed with the people in my life.”

She uses her story to mentor others, “I help others by teaching them to do what I did.  If a broke and homeless teen can become a self-made millionaire who retired at age 38, ANYONE CAN!  And my book and business consulting teaches you how!  No fancy college degree or large sums of cash required.  I want to eradicate poverty worldwide, and I believe in teaching a man to fish – then he eats forever.  If you give a man a fish, he only eats for a day.  So I share my knowledge and expertise so that anyone with a sixth grade education can do what I did.  And $1 of every copy of Poverty Sucks! How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire sold on my website goes to, to help the kids.”

Aimee talked about perseverance, “I refused to quit.  Math was always my favorite subject in school, and math is really just problem solving. Life is also all about problem solving.  So when my mom kicked me out, I actually said to myself out loud ‘Aimee, your parents were making you crazy.  But you are an adult now, and it’s now up to you to fix your life.  You can’t blame your parents from this point forward.’  So I also refused to have a victim or entitlement mentality.  I was determined to make a success of my life.  No other outcome was acceptable to me.”

Her books message, “First, choose to be a winner, not a whiner.  Then the rest of my book will teach you all you need to know, every single detail, so that you can do what I did.  It’s not really that hard, you just need the instruction manual.  My book is the instruction manual, and it’s written so that anyone with a 6th grade education can understand it. 

Readers can contact me at my website at  Hit the “Contact Me” tab on the right and send me an email!  I’m always happy to hear from readers.”

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