Sunday, February 24, 2013

Assumed adult responsibility as an adolescent, continued...

Photo of Aimee provided by Aimee.

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Aimee Elizabeth talked about her life today.

My life today is great.  I retired when I was 38, (I am now 49) and I enjoy a very leisurely but busy lifestyle.  I do whatever I want to do.  I am a multi-millionaire, successful real estate investor, guest speaker, business consultant and best selling author of Poverty Sucks! How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire.  I also do my best to promote, a Nevada charity that helps homeless and at risk youths.  It’s a charity near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons.  I do not interface with my family in any capacity.  I still love them all and wish them well, but they are so unkind to me that I had to sever all ties to protect myself. I have what I call a family of choice.  These are people who love me that I love back, we would happily help each other if needed, and we all accept each other as we are.  I find that blood or legality does not make a family – love does.  I feel very blessed with the people in my life.”

She uses her story to mentor others, “I help others by teaching them to do what I did.  If a broke and homeless teen can become a self-made millionaire who retired at age 38, ANYONE CAN!  And my book and business consulting teaches you how!  No fancy college degree or large sums of cash required.  I want to eradicate poverty worldwide, and I believe in teaching a man to fish – then he eats forever.  If you give a man a fish, he only eats for a day.  So I share my knowledge and expertise so that anyone with a sixth grade education can do what I did.  And $1 of every copy of Poverty Sucks! How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire sold on my website goes to, to help the kids.”

Aimee talked about perseverance, “I refused to quit.  Math was always my favorite subject in school, and math is really just problem solving. Life is also all about problem solving.  So when my mom kicked me out, I actually said to myself out loud ‘Aimee, your parents were making you crazy.  But you are an adult now, and it’s now up to you to fix your life.  You can’t blame your parents from this point forward.’  So I also refused to have a victim or entitlement mentality.  I was determined to make a success of my life.  No other outcome was acceptable to me.”

Her books message, “First, choose to be a winner, not a whiner.  Then the rest of my book will teach you all you need to know, every single detail, so that you can do what I did.  It’s not really that hard, you just need the instruction manual.  My book is the instruction manual, and it’s written so that anyone with a 6th grade education can understand it. 

Readers can contact me at my website at  Hit the “Contact Me” tab on the right and send me an email!  I’m always happy to hear from readers.”

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to manifest a healthy life, continued...

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I feel so blessed with my life.  Even the lows are truly gifts to me.  It took me many years (well into my late 30’s) to realize my role as a creative healer.  Once I found and started to embrace my purpose, my path to fulfillment opened up.  I am grateful for my love for life, and my friend, this mindset was the key that unlocked and gifted the love of my life.  This energy goes hand and hand.  Once this shift happened, by realizing my purpose and seeing my life through the lens of love, my creative spirit energized my awakening.  I started riding the waves of change (positive change) and this has made my spirit soar; my world shifted in a way I could have never imagined.

The essentials in my life truly are purpose, love and creativity.  There is no better way of living.  If your life needs a boost, embrace these 3 simple concepts!

What are the essentials in your life?  Do they tie into mine?  Leave me a comment and lets talk about it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Shrink your belly fat, continued...

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Examiner article

With each day of my detox, today closes # 20, along with my daily gym workout, my belly is starting to look acceptable to me again.  I am 43 years old and I think the last time I was okay with my stomach, I was probably in my late twenties.  So, my efforts are starting to pay off for me.

As a reminder, the 30-day detox, which I wrote about when I started it, is helping me figure out which foods trigger inflammation and indigestion.  Any weight loss is a bonus.  I miss everything but I've been a trooper as I've sacrificed much for this cause.  On day 31, I'm trying to figure out what I miss most so I can start by putting that food group back into my diet.  It might just be my Starbucks, Chai tea with extra foam.  Yummy!

As far as the 3 supplements discussed in the article, I will be trying all of them in March once my detox is part of the past!

Tell me about your trials and tribulations with weight loss, I would love to understand what has worked for you.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo provided by Rev. Tracy Rhymes and Raymont

Raymont Anderson continued, “Now, I am creating a spiritual center and school where people can find support and study principles that can change their lives.  I am a Holistic Life coach helping coach people by transforming their lives in profound ways.  I direct and perform with my American Sign Language Theatrical Performance Company B.E.L.I.E.V.E. and I travel doing workshops, seminars, classes, guest speaking etc.”  

He described his work, “I help others identify their mountains and develop a strategy to climb, circumvent, tunnel though, or demolish the mountain by making it a stepping stone to the life they desire to live.  Each of us wants to live happy, healthy, joyfully, freely, and authentically.  Because of the pains of the past and for some the present, we bury our lives to satisfy others and to hide our own greatness.  I assist people in bringing that light out in full force!”

He attributes his triumph over adversity to his, “Eclectic yet effective spiritual practices.”  

Raymont’s mission, “To help others see that change IS possible!  You can live an empowered life!”

He is sharing his wisdom and inspiration with others through his book, Moving Mountains: The Journey of Transformation

Raymont’s contact information:

Friday, February 15, 2013

The 3 C's continued...

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Examiner article

It really does amaze me how basic but powerful this advice is when you read the words. But, I truly do believe that these 3 C's encompass our essence. Think about it, communication, compassion and creativity, are all empowering in so many ways.

Without appropriate and effective communication, how can you achieve anything based on good merit? Without compassion, life would be heartless and miserable and without creativity where is your innovation?

Creativity is spiritual. It gifts much more than an end product!

What words of advice do you offer? Leave me a note.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Healthy snacks, continued...

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I'm at the close of day 12 of my 30 day detox challenge. It seems like the detox has stolen the vibrancy of my life.  Don't get me wrong, I like fish and chicken but it is tough to eat this many times a week when I'm used to a variety of meats; lunch meat, steak, pork etc. I feel like I'm on a continuous graze in a field.

On a positive note, I know this is all psychological at this point because I'm eating a lot, feeling full after meals and I'm still losing weight, 4 1/2 pounds to date. The detox promises up to 10 pounds of weight loss in 30 days. I've stuck closely to the diet so I'm curious to see what my sacrifice gifts me in the end.

Also, my stomach (which usually suffers from indigestion) is feeling skinny and healthy. I certainly owe this detox to my improved health.

I can't wait until day 31 when I can start introducing (1 at a time), dairy, eggs, sugar, red meat, pork and glutton back into my routine. My goal for this torture is to figure out the foods that trigger indigestion and eliminate them. The hope for a healthier 2013 is keeping me going.

How are you doing with your resolution this year? Are you raising your health bar?  Leave me a note and tell me about it.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

To survive this loss, continued...

Picture was taken by the soccer coach of a friend’s granddaughter, name unknown.
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Thomas E. Pierce continued, “I have always been a very religious person. I have always believed in the afterlife but that does not mean that I did not have doubts at times. The events of the first year after the accident that I talk about in my book have removed all doubts forever. These events have continued to happen in my life and I am much stronger spiritually.”

He talked about coping, “My rock bottom was the day of the accident. The next day I realized that both of my wife and my daughter seemed to know something was going to happen and did things to prepare themselves and the family for what was coming. This made me realize that the accident was supposed to happen and that no one could have prevented it or made it any better. I realized that I was still here for a purpose. That purpose appears to be my book.”

His mission, “To help others who have experienced the loss of a loved one. When I open my email I never know if I am going to end up sharing tears with someone I have never met. The last page of my book contains my email address and many people who read my book after a tragic or sudden loss, have written me to tell me how much my book helped them. These emails made the book the most rewarding accomplishment of my entire life. They are my inspiration to get the book into the hands of others that it will help.”

Thomas shared words of advice, “Positive thoughts are the most powerful force we posses. With love all things are possible. Love never dies.  Our loved ones that have passed remain close to us forever. Opening yourself up to signs from lost loved ones will provide you with ways to go on with a happy and successful life. Tears are just our body’s way to allow us to cope with things that would otherwise be beyond our comprehension. We just have to let them be tears of joy, not sorrow; tears of laughter, not pain; tears of love, not grief. All the kindness a person puts out into the world works on the hearts and thoughts of mankind.”

Thomas closed, “When I heard that the Reservists who rescued us were going to receive medals, I knew I had to be there to thank them.  It was the first time I spoke in public after the accident. After that I received numerous requests to speak. I spoke at many award ceremonies for the girls and for the people who responded to the emergency calls during the accident. I have done numerous radio and TV interviews. ABC in Baltimore won an Emmy for their interview with me on the first anniversary of the accident. You can learn more and listen to me speak on my website:”

Pierce currently resides in Vineland , NJ , where he is able to support and participate in the lives of his surviving daughter and his two beautiful granddaughters.

The Hardcover book is available at  It is also available as a Kindle book and a Nook book.

You can email Thomas at