Thursday, January 10, 2013

Valuable revelations, continued...

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The book I've been working on for the past year shares a lot of the lessons or treasures I've collected through the hardship I've suffered in life. Bright days are warm and wonderful but darkness does find its way in the forefront and before you know it, you're blinded by the cold, drum circumstances. It is difficult to navigate each and every time but once you're able to get over the initial stock, you gather the strength to stand up and find your way. I have survived:

  • Domestic violence (as a child)
  • An economically poor upbringing
  • Betrayal
  • Divorce
  • Loss of many loved ones
  • Job loss
  • Hardship from the unhealthy choices of those in my circle
And, much, much more.

But, each and every hardship that has impacted me, taught me something. Had I not loss my job, I wouldn't have embraced my soul-work (as an artist working to help others). Had I not lived in the sidelines of unhealthy choices of others, I wouldn't have learned from their mistakes. With the loss of my father, I now more fully treasure the time I have with my family. Divorce taught me the wrath of enabling unhealthy behavior. It gifted my independence, which strengthened me. My poor upbringing gave me hard work ethics and appreciation for the value of everything I've achieved. Because I've endured the trenches of domestic violence, as a child, I have a passion to better our communities through my work with Safehouse.

These events have and continue to shape me. It is part of my past and it gifts me a better and bright future. I'm excited to embrace this year whatever high's it gifts and for whatever lessons I will learn because, although difficult, they will make me a better person!

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