Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The hand you are dealt, continued...

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I love when Oprah offers her forum to a minister in Lifeclass. And, I love the fact that Pastor Rick Warren is preaching about overcoming life circumstances. It seems like life forces a lot of circumstances on us, physically, spiritually and emotionally but we also receive a lot of gifts that offer balance. Our skills and talents might get shadowed by circumstances but with a little support, faith and hard work, perseverance is possible.

I believe this whole-heartily. My life is testimony to this. No, I've not fully arrived but I'm enjoying the ride and my work in process is making me a better person one day at a time. I'm proud of this. I'm proud of my commitment to my health, my family and my soul-work. With baby steps, I'm getting there and these cards that I've been dealt have shaped me into the person I am today.

I've grown and matured significantly over the years, more spiritually as I've embraced my forties.

Do you feel stuck in circumstances? What are they? Are you reaching out for help? Or, perhaps this year you've found momentum. Leave me a note.

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