Friday, January 25, 2013

Soothe your winter anxieties, continued...

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I’m hopeful that you are all riding the wave of change and inspiration as you move forward through the close of January, 2013.  But, if you seem to be dipping a bit into the tranches, as I’ve been feeling, I thought this article might boost both of our spirits.

It seems like I’ve been fighting my body and depriving myself of necessary sleep. I really do know better but with change in routines, sometimes structure seems to crumble a bit until the ground firms as control is taken back. I’ll get back on track but, in the meanwhile, a bit of advice about sharing with friends, soothing tea, healthy stretches and sleep certainly can’t hurt!

Let’s take care of ourselves, we need our health to live fully and aspire to our dreams.

How are you feeling? Drop me a note.

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