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Out of body experiences, continued...

Photo of Kent and her son provided by Mari Selby care of Kent Smith.

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Kent Smith continued the interview.

Her mission, “Through my struggles, it is my goal in life to help make the world a better place by helping others to understand that death is a part of life and it is not an ending to who we are.  And it is only in our attempts to understand this experience that we may overcome much of our fears about it. Not many want to talk about death. But how can we begin to understand it if we don’t? No amount of knowledge can take away all of the fear of this experience because our perceptions are limited by the human brain.

Eastern philosophies idea of reincarnation help to explain the energy imbalances or lack of fairness in our world; if we can overcome our fears to try and understand this experience we call death, it might help us in our daily lives and prepare us for even greater experiences when we do cross dimensions.  The word death in our culture is so taboo…and that, in my opinion, needs to change for our world to become a better place.”

She talked about what helped her cope, “Significant to my recovery throughout the struggles that I’ve been through, again, is my connection to our source, God. Having a minister, priest, shaman, monk, or sage are wonderful mentors in assisting us to have a closer connection to God. But the real focus must be between us and our creator on a daily basis, not just when things are going badly in our lives, but being grateful when the pendulum swings in the other direction.  And becoming aware that, by design, there is plenty of help on this journey in each person’s life.  Our deceased loved ones, our own guides in spirit, and angels galore are a huge benefit bestowed to us that we don’t always use to our advantage in any recovery process."

Kent described her book and writing/publishing process, “My book is a metaphysical memoir primarily telling a love story that crosses boundaries of time and space. The book begins telling experiences of my early and young adult life—stories that relate to the paranormal, or experiences that are believed to lie outside the normal. The story chronicles the communication with my boyfriend on the other side who consoles me and his family who are grieving so from the unexpected loss.

Further, as our communication continues with more than just him, a higher purpose is gradually revealed to all that is happening and, aside from this book, is kept hidden in a time capsule to be opened 55 years later. Spiritual scavenger hunts to Canada and Europe not only reveal both past and future lives, but also unveil how we, as human beings, are living in parallel universes or finite planes of light. Therefore, quantum physics is touched on from a layman’s perspective to help in understanding what is being theorized in particle physics today, and may actually be the missing link from what we think of as the afterlife to the one where we are consciously living as human beings.  

Universal Life Strings is the publisher of my book and an organization that was created to promote the understanding of death as a part of life and to bring a higher level of understanding where life and the afterlife meet. It appeals to the spirituality of every sect. Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed can be found on Amazon as an ebook and available on my website at as a hardcopy.”

Her advice for others, “For anyone grieving the loss of a loved one, I would encourage a sincere look outside of the box into the metaphysical world, if not already there, to discover that your loved ones are not what some may think of as dead. Knowing there is a transition to another place, time and dimension is a comforting thought rather than being laid to rest in the ground six feet under. In fact, they are anything but resting; however, they are at peace. When Jesus made the statement in the Bible, ‘Let the dead bury their dead’, in my opinion, he was saying… let them be buried by those who think they are dead. Yes, we must properly dispose of the body, the vehicle used while here, but we are not our physical body, and the spiritual body truly lives on. And, for anyone who is consciously aware of having had out-of-body experiences, Love Promised outlines specific resources that can be sought out focusing on this subject alone.”

Her closing words, “I learned many years ago studying a philosophy of life called Concept-Therapy®, that all ideas can be placed upon your own triangle of knowledge, i.e. fact, theory, or fantasy. Regardless of where the reader’s perceptions may begin or end, I hope the ideas presented in this book, if nothing else, will instill within the reader the desire to question and ponder the reality of life and death.   For it’s in our searching for answers that we do find them.  Though we may choose to believe what we have read or what someone may say; truth comes to us all from within. And because we are multifaceted beings living in a linear universe, the truth may not be the same for all.”

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