Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year same you, continued...

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I must admit I’m pretty happy to bring closure to 2012. I’m healthy and skinnier (although I still have some work to do here). I’ve met my 66-day work out challenge (my last work out for the challenge was on 12/26/12) although I’ve continued to workout each and every day since.

I’m going into the New Year embracing a lot of positive change. Now that I have daily workouts into my schedule, I’ve made a true lifestyle change. I’m also blending a healthy eating routine that I’m hopeful will turn into a long-term practice and I’m going back to school. My Master’s program at Siena Heights starts 1/7/13.

I’m a bit anxious about getting into the school mode but I know deep within, this is the right track for me. It will be a busy year, but a great one because I’m doing something that supports my soul-work. A counseling degree will enable me to help others, and in the process, help me move my business forward in a new arena. Short-term, I’m anxious but long-term, I know it is necessary and, because of this, I’m excited about the opportunity!

What changes will you embrace this year? Leave me a note and tell me about it!

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