Monday, January 7, 2013

More than 25 years on a spiritual journey, continued...

Photo provided by Mari Selby care of Ron Chapman; Ron and his daughter Brianne

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Ron Chapman continued the interview.

In his words, “I wish I could announce these as my personal success story. But they are not mine to claim. They are the results of a Power that sometimes flows through me now that the self has been reduced enough to permit it. I am allowed to observe these matters, sometimes with joy, and sometimes with sadness, but always with wonder and curiosity.

A spiritual teacher once taught me that the secret is not in getting what you want, but in wanting what you get. Probably, this is the means to happiness. And probably it is the only path to genuine service to others.”

Ron’s perspective, “While I now reside in Atlanta and regularly retreat to Upstate South Carolina, the world is my home. Seeing True is a core practice. In short, it is the manifestation of the great scriptural motif ‘was blind but now I see.’ When we see, problems can be resolved and inner peace becomes possible.

Magnetic North is another core notion. It proposes that each of us has inner guidance sufficient for all our needs though we may have to find it and learn to navigate it. Hummingbirds are the living metaphor given their capacity to travel unerringly across continents to the same backyard they frequented in previous years.”

His advice, “With all this as my story, what can you do? Do not allow your fears and reluctance to keep you from going forth on your path. As much as we seem to think that someone can point us and guide us, the journey unfolds as every step. In the end, no one can take a step for us and no one can do our inner work.

Faith is not gullibility, it is certainty based on experience … hammered out on the anvil of that experience. Hope is realized when we move ever so hesitantly forward.
And sometimes we will meet our fellow travelers with a glance, a perfectly timed word or a hand extended.”

Ron closed with his contact information, “Find my hand at”

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