Friday, January 25, 2013

Energy is valuable, continued...

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I am forever trying to embrace and release, into the universe, positive and uplifting energy. I've already shared that, as of late, I've been a bit low. Perhaps my body is screaming, stop and recover. I came out of last year healing from a rough spell both emotionally and physically after I lost my cat late November. I spent several weeks, in December, hurting from a bronchial virus.

Then, the first week of January, I fell. YIKES.

I still continue to work out and I'm still trying to manage nutritional intake. I'm stretching everyday but I'm sacrificing sleep as my routine changes. I'm working to get my sleep back up to par and to get my meditation back on track. In a good week, I'm meditating daily. In a bad week, I'm lucky to get one session.

So, if you're feeling like you've lost your energy, take a look at the list link in the article for ideas to get it back. There are some unique ones!

If you have any idea's you can add to the energy boosting list, post them for everyone to read!

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