Saturday, January 12, 2013

3 essentials for a balanced life, continued...

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Anytime we embrace something new in our lives, it seems to throw off our momentum. This past week was my first week of school and with only 2 classes added to my routine, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I realize as long as I keep up my sleep, exercise and healthy food intake, I'll be fine but it doesn't change the fact that it takes time to adjust.

The practice of deep breathing is really something that most overlook and, therefore, under appreciate; it really is essential to achieving balance. I discovered this when I took my son to an asthma specialist. The stomach should actually rise and fall as apposed to the chest when you are properly breathing. The diaphragm, when fully utilized, is a God given tool that enables balance.

I am sure that if you're hungry, overly tired, feeling lethargic and your practicing shallow breathing (as most do), you are not in the best shape to handle a high energy day. Prepare yourself appropriately for your daily success. Because, my friend, when you do, you and those around you benefit from your best self and this person can rise above the static and appreciate life for what it really is, a true blessing!

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