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Tradition helps soothe the pain of loss, continued...

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I really didn't think about traditions until after I loss my father in 2008. His physical absence impacted my life dramatically (especially during the holidays). I was full of sorrow the first Thanksgiving (his birthday was 11/25) and Christmas without him. He was always the life of the party blessing us with laughter as he had a great sense of humor. This was his legacy and tradition. I struggled horribly to feel his spirit at this time of year but it seemed like my void darkened my world and this blocked his light from coming through.

Last year I decided I needed to make him part of our gathering so I spent many hours looking at old family videos and clipping out sections of him to create a DVD that I could gift to all in his memory. We watched it with tears in our eyes at the party but laughed at the same time as some of the silly clips played. It felt good to see him, our spirits lifted. This year I took an old black and white photo of my Mom and Dad and created t-shirts, tote bags and mouse pads in his memory. Everyone was touched by the gifts. I want to continue to find ways to honor him each year as a tradition.

Is there a tradition that helps you cope with a loss? I would love to hear about it if you'd like to share. Your story may help others.

The calendar in the above photo was made by my Ex-husband's grandfather. He was the most kind and loving person. He left a profound impact on me. I think of him each and every time I change the months and/or look at his handy work. He hand crafted this wood calendar as a gift for me. I'll cherish it for years to come!

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