Sunday, December 30, 2012

The inspired life, continued...

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The inspired life, Unleashing Your Mind’s Capacity For Joy by Susyn Reeve with Joan Breiner, is a book I recommend for your reading list. If you read my column you are aware that I live my life open to improvement and this book fits my criteria for renewal; it motivated me!

I reference the book section that offered detail supporting the science behind Neuro-pathways (how we create and respond to our thoughts either, with or without action and why).

Understanding that a new pathway is created and/or seeded and then nurtured into a well-traveled and healthy path can support a future full of positive action. It offers a different perspective to our familiar problems in creating change.

It hit home for me relevant to my journey of healthy living; this is what I need to do to improve my eating choices, create well-traveled paths! I think this is really profound.

Click on the below link to purchase a copy for yourself. I hope each and every one of you is motivated to lead your most inspired life. And, I believe Susyn Reeve’s and Joan Breiner’s book will help you do this.

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