Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our forever pet, continued...

Photo book cover provided by Charmaine Hammond.

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Charmaine Hammond talked about writing and her book, On Toby’s Terms.

In her words, “I hadn't planned on being a writer. Very content as a speaker I had considered writing about the topics I speak on however, Toby's story gave me something more to write about. I met a publisher (Bettie Youngs) in California and was telling her about our dog Toby, how he became a teacher for us, and had impacted so many lives. Bettie said, ‘That's the book!’ When I told her there wasn't a book, she suggested I get writing as there was a publishing contract on the way. That is how my journey began.

Impact Motion Pictures read the book, loved it, and signed it to become a major motion picture. This is incredibly exciting!

This book reveals many lessons we discovered through Toby including patience, purpose, persistence, trust, unconditional love and how simple acts of kindness can powerfully impact the world. He also taught us the ways in which animals can heal and transform lives. This book also reminds us that rescue dogs can have a big purpose in their lives.  We consistently get positive feedback about this book, and Toby's story.”
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  1. Thank you so much Kathryn for a wonderful posting of Toby's story and On Toby's Terms, so appreciate your support in sharing his message.