Sunday, December 16, 2012

I married Mr. America, continued...

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Lindy Tefft discussed her writing process, “It took me 16 years to write my memoirs and a tremendous amount of courage to revive past treachery. The drive I have to help others is more powerful than the painstaking task of reliving the emotional trauma.

The writing of this book helped me to be proud of the fact that I have survived so much and has helped me to continue my own personal healing process. The publishing process was tedious and made me go back to areas in my life that I would not have revisited. During this process more trauma rose to the surface and once again it made me more determined to claim Simply Lindy."

 I Married Mr. America can be purchased on the publisher’s website and

Her advice, “During the toughest times, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and really step into a space of self-love for all that you are going through and all that you have endured. As you start to gain more and more self-love, you learn to understand your own authenticity and can live with an honesty that will pave your way out of any horrible situation. It was the lack of self-love that got you there and attracted that abuse to you in the first place.

We have all gone through tough times, some worse than others, and not all of us have the calling to write about it. So, for those of you that still hold so much pain and trauma inside, and have not been able or are afraid to talk to anyone, this book is your voice!”

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