Friday, December 21, 2012

Doomsday transformation resulting in rebirth, continued...

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Of course we didn't wake to find destructive universal forces ending the world, it's a new day; Winter Solace. It can be a day that ends our old unhealthy ways of living; a day for transformation. Think of it the way you might think of the New Year and your resolutions, why not start early?

For me, I have 5 more workouts to meet my 66 day workout challenge and, I must say, I'm feeling stronger. I started this challenge after I read that by doing something 66 times in a row, a neuro-path is created in the brain and it becomes 2nd nature. After realizing this challenge (almost), I can already tell it is working; it's a positive change and I feel it will be easier to continue when I compare it to past efforts. Give it a shot, it might be intimidating at first but if you take it one day at a time, you'll get there.

Regardless of predictions for today, I awoke with the intent to workout, write my Friday Examiner article, clean the house, work on my book, meditate, create a healthy dinner for my kids, and whatever else I can fit into before I cap the night by spending a romantic evening away with my better half!

It is a beautiful day, different than all others before it because it's new. I've never lived on 12/21/12 before and I'll never get the chance to live this day again, so I'm going to make it count! How about you?

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