Friday, December 14, 2012

Crappy things happen, continued...

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My fiancee and I were supposed to go up North 2 weekends ago for a night get away. We drove part way up and came upon a snow storm; it was white out conditions. The photo above was after we turned around. We had to cancel our reservations.

The following weekend we booked again. He was supposed to work until early afternoon and then we were going to leave. There were emergencies at work and we didn't get to leave until after midnight. We arrived at the hotel at 4AM and had to turn around and leave by 10AM so he could return to work the next day (he wasn't scheduled but was forced to go back the next day to tie up loose ends). That same Saturday I put a dent in his car (of course by accident). My list of crap can go on and on. It seems I've been in a rut as of late and this inspired the article.

Today, I'm feeling healthy and I'm happy to say I'm still working towards my 66 days of workouts in a row. I will have completed this challenge on December 26th. We've been lucky enough to finish our  Christmas shopping and although I had to cut back on spending (I made a lot of my gifts), I'm pleased with the presents I'm gifting this year.

Our bills are paid up to date and I'm getting ready for a new year with a fresh start in graduate school. Regardless of the crap that flows my way, I am truly blessed. Even when I'm wallowing in hardship, I thank God for the blessings and his guidance. My faith will get me through anything.

What helps you overcome challenge? Comment with feedback. It might inspire and help someone else struggling.

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