Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weight loss venture, continued...

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I am grateful that I am 15 pounds lighter this year than this time last year. And, since I just about doubled this weight-loss at one point, I know I can do it! It felt really good as I saw my waistline shrinking!

So, the good news, I have a great mindset for my newest challenge. And, 21 days in, the routine of healthy eating will officially develop (at least this is what the experts say). By Spring, it will be at the 66-day point with a neuropath created!

I'm inspired by a new more energized me in 2013. I would love any healthy living tips you might have, leave a comment. Until then, I'll keep up with my protein AM shake, workout, drink lots of water, and eat veggies supported by light eating!

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