Friday, November 9, 2012

Benefits of self hypnosis, continued...

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I'm someone who meditates and when I initially discovered self-hypnosis, I wondered, "What is the difference?" But, the more I looked into it, the more I realized the following:

With meditation, your intention is present but then it is surrendered while your mind quiets and interfaces in the connected space within you linked to the universe. It silently release your intention outward and then absorbs the divine space.

While during self-hypnosis, your physical body rests but your mind remains active in the subconscious state. It takes direction and absorbs the affirmation. The intent is present actively during this process. Hypnosis helps to create a healthy routine that results in the actions required to implement your intention. It helps keep this mindset in the forefront to create a habit from your routine and this allows the subconscious mind to lead. Once this happens you're not fighting the priorities of your logical awakened mind. You just do it without thought because it's programmed within.

I'm working on improving my health. When I followed the download self-hypnosis lesson, I did reach a state of relaxation and I did feel a tingling in my head when this happened. I believe this is a positive form to implement change, a new tool to utilize for a healthy life.

I'm going to pursue this discovery. What are your thoughts?

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